Tarrants Monkton & Launceston

Tarrant Monkton church serves Tarrant Monkton and Tarrant Launceston.













 Church Services

The monthly services usually follow this pattern.  Do check on the Benefice Services for more specific details for each week.

1st Sunday No Service  
2nd Sunday Holy Communion (BCP) 9am
3rd Sunday No Service  
4th Sunday Worship for all - Lay led 10.30am
5th Sunday Benefice Service  


July 2022     Sidesperson
10th 9.00am Holy Communion (BCP) Fiona MacEwen and Di Huxley
24th  10.30am Worship for All and Baptism Anthea Payne


August 2022     Sidesperson
14th 9.00am Holy Communion BCP Vicky Gumm
21th 10.30am No service here:   Service at Tarrant Crawford
Di Huxley