Tarrant Gunville and Stubhampton

Tarrant Gunville is the most northerly of the Tarrant villages.  There is a village website with further information.




Church Services

 The monthly services usually follow this pattern.  Do check on the Benefice Services for more specific details for each week.

1st Sunday Evensong 6pm
2nd Sunday Breakfast Church with Tarrant Hinton check which village is hosting! 9.15am
3rd Sunday No Service 10.30am
4th Sunday Family Communion 10.30am
5th Sunday Benefice Service  



July 2022    
3rd 6.00pm Evensong
10th 9.15am Breakfast Church in Tarrant Hinton Village Hall
17th 10.30am Family Communion
31st   Benefice Service at Tarrant Crawford
  Cleaning Susie and Geoff Percival
  Flowers Miranda McWhirter and Jane Cusack


August 2022    
7th 6.00pm Evensong
14th 10.30am The Pet Service
21st 10.30am Family Communion
  Cleaning Jenny Plater and Susie Percival
  Flowers Valerie miller and  Judy Gillett